Blem Bats

Blem Bats

Wood can be tricky, sometimes it has hidden surprises inside that can only be seen once a bat is cut. When this happens a bat is rejected but may only have some cosmetic issues that don't effect its usuability. These bats are sold as blem bats at a discount but are still perfectly good to use off the tee or in batting practice. Blemishes include but are not limited too small knots, discoloration, small manufacturing defects, engraving mistakes, paint blemishes, ect. Since blemishes are irregular and the stock isn't consistent the only option to choose below is the length, the model and wood type may very. Blem bats may come unfinished or painted depending on the stock available. 

    Info & Options

    Wood Type: Maple, Ash, Birch

    Lenght 30-33" 

    Models: G110, G271, G243, GI-13