The Granite Bat Company began as a baseball player's hobby in 2015. The owner, Sam Rollick, was inspired by two local players who began making their own wooden bats. He spent some time learning the bat manufacturing process from a friend and was immediately hooked. After some saving he was able to purchase a lathe and some basic tools to get started. Sam made a few bats for teammates but spent most of his time making trophy bats as gifts for family and friends in his spare time. But when arm injuries ended his college baseball dreams he decided to try and make bats to use in games. After some tinkering, testing, and a few equipment upgrades it was time to see if his products could stand up to game use. In the spring of 2020 the first game bats were ready to be used and on July 15 Johnny Cantwell of Dover, NH hit the first home run with a Granite Bat.



Baseball is getting expensive, $300 gloves and metal bats, $120 cleats, and wood bats costing over $150 (looking at you Marruci and Victus). Baseball is becoming a pay to play and pay to win sport and that's not the way it should be. Our national past time should be accessible to anyone and everyone who loves the game. Thats why at Granite Bats our quality will always stay high while prices will remain low. Our bats are made out of the love for baseball and all who play it.

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Image by Mark Duffel


Sam Rollick

Baseball has been a part of my life ever since I was 4 years old, when I had my first favorite Red Sox player, choosing Johnny Damon. While my feelings towards Damon would soon change my love of baseball would not. My favorite part of the game has always been hitting, and when I discovered that I could make my own bats I was hooked. Sadly in 2018 my playing days came to an end, my dreams of playing college baseball were spoiled by a 3rd arm injury. Luckily I can still be a part of the game by making the best baseball bats possible. I believe that a hitter's two greatest tools are their mindset and the bat they use. While I can't change a player's mindset I can give them a bat that they will feel confident swinging. The Granite Bat Company is a one man operation, every bat is made by me and I stand behind every bat that leaves my shop. I hope you enjoy your bat as much as I enjoyed making it.